Friday, 8 March 2013

Pumpkinlicious vegan smoothie!


So, I’m vegan. Again! I was vegan for some time, but... I got pregnant. 17 years after my first child (I blame yoga and vegan diet – just kidding). And my little man was craving for a big juicy stake. Well, I’m done with mommy’s feeding duty, gaining 10 kilo (25 pounds)on the way. So, I’m back to my routine.

I enjoy every vegan meal! I have collected many good recipes and have my favourite food blogs. One of them is Oh, she glows! Angela Liddon is a Canadian and a wonderful vegan cook! I’ve tried many of her recipes, and they are always successful! Today I made a Pumpkin smoothie, again! Oh boy, this is delicious! And my boy enjoys it very much! I can prove it! Just look at the pictures! He couldn’t wait for me to take the pictures! By the way – he seems to be vegan too. He refused to eat meat and drink regular milk. I’m having a hard time feeding him any meat. I have to be very creative to camouflage the meat taste. And his favourite drink – soy milk!





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