Thursday, 21 March 2013



Last night I was at the Toronto Etsy street team workshop for bookbinding class.

I was going to make a journal for a long time. Even found some video tutorials. But…. I have so many things going around that this project was just in my plan. Lucky me, the team organised this event so I was the first who signed up. Time flies when in good company with teammates and our teacher Carolyn, and three hours later each of us ended up with a beautiful journal/notebook. 

Defiantly going to make more.



Thursday, 14 March 2013

Green tea and French clay soap.


As I mentioned in my first post on this blog – I like to make soap. But I never posted any evidence of my soap making. So, now I’m going to cover this blank spot.

I created this recipe myself and am now going to share it with you.  The reason behind this is my daughter’s problematic skin. This soap really helped her to improve her skin condition. It contains French green clay, tea tree oil and green tea. I kept some small tea leafs and small fractions of clay for gentle scrubing effect.


1 pound white soap base

1 tbsp  French green clay

4 oz strong green tea

3 gram tea tree oil

1,5 gram any other oil on your choice (lavender, mint, grapefruit)

Melt the base in 30 seconds intervals, stirring well till all chunks dissolved,  add hot tea and clay with oil. To get a smoother consistency, mix clay with small amount of tea to get rid of clumps. Pour in soap moulds and spray with alcohol to remove bubbles. Let it cool down and harden enough to take out of moulds. Wrap each one in parchment paper and keep in the fridge.




Friday, 8 March 2013

Pumpkinlicious vegan smoothie!


So, I’m vegan. Again! I was vegan for some time, but... I got pregnant. 17 years after my first child (I blame yoga and vegan diet – just kidding). And my little man was craving for a big juicy stake. Well, I’m done with mommy’s feeding duty, gaining 10 kilo (25 pounds)on the way. So, I’m back to my routine.

I enjoy every vegan meal! I have collected many good recipes and have my favourite food blogs. One of them is Oh, she glows! Angela Liddon is a Canadian and a wonderful vegan cook! I’ve tried many of her recipes, and they are always successful! Today I made a Pumpkin smoothie, again! Oh boy, this is delicious! And my boy enjoys it very much! I can prove it! Just look at the pictures! He couldn’t wait for me to take the pictures! By the way – he seems to be vegan too. He refused to eat meat and drink regular milk. I’m having a hard time feeding him any meat. I have to be very creative to camouflage the meat taste. And his favourite drink – soy milk!