Thursday, 21 March 2013



Last night I was at the Toronto Etsy street team workshop for bookbinding class.

I was going to make a journal for a long time. Even found some video tutorials. But…. I have so many things going around that this project was just in my plan. Lucky me, the team organised this event so I was the first who signed up. Time flies when in good company with teammates and our teacher Carolyn, and three hours later each of us ended up with a beautiful journal/notebook. 

Defiantly going to make more.



Thursday, 14 March 2013

Green tea and French clay soap.


As I mentioned in my first post on this blog – I like to make soap. But I never posted any evidence of my soap making. So, now I’m going to cover this blank spot.

I created this recipe myself and am now going to share it with you.  The reason behind this is my daughter’s problematic skin. This soap really helped her to improve her skin condition. It contains French green clay, tea tree oil and green tea. I kept some small tea leafs and small fractions of clay for gentle scrubing effect.


1 pound white soap base

1 tbsp  French green clay

4 oz strong green tea

3 gram tea tree oil

1,5 gram any other oil on your choice (lavender, mint, grapefruit)

Melt the base in 30 seconds intervals, stirring well till all chunks dissolved,  add hot tea and clay with oil. To get a smoother consistency, mix clay with small amount of tea to get rid of clumps. Pour in soap moulds and spray with alcohol to remove bubbles. Let it cool down and harden enough to take out of moulds. Wrap each one in parchment paper and keep in the fridge.




Friday, 8 March 2013

Pumpkinlicious vegan smoothie!


So, I’m vegan. Again! I was vegan for some time, but... I got pregnant. 17 years after my first child (I blame yoga and vegan diet – just kidding). And my little man was craving for a big juicy stake. Well, I’m done with mommy’s feeding duty, gaining 10 kilo (25 pounds)on the way. So, I’m back to my routine.

I enjoy every vegan meal! I have collected many good recipes and have my favourite food blogs. One of them is Oh, she glows! Angela Liddon is a Canadian and a wonderful vegan cook! I’ve tried many of her recipes, and they are always successful! Today I made a Pumpkin smoothie, again! Oh boy, this is delicious! And my boy enjoys it very much! I can prove it! Just look at the pictures! He couldn’t wait for me to take the pictures! By the way – he seems to be vegan too. He refused to eat meat and drink regular milk. I’m having a hard time feeding him any meat. I have to be very creative to camouflage the meat taste. And his favourite drink – soy milk!





Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Roy – the best cowboy!

So, he is the first! My first experience in soft textile sculpting and my really first drawing. Really! I failed drawing class at school. But, I always had the passion to do this. So, the first step is done!

Roy has a lasso and a hat, just like any proper cowboy should. And what kind of cowboy would he be if he wasn’t tempted by a shot of scotch?






Friday, 8 February 2013

Spice Girl - Chocolate.


Chocolate – last one from my Spice Girls collection. To be continued! Promise!

Circle print on this chocolate colour fabric make he look like an Aero Chocolate. To enhance her fluffiness I decided to make a tulle petticoat . Truffle like sleeves were a surprise for me. When I started with them I had no idea of the final result .

Cake- It was fun making it. I’m going to order felt and make a whole bakery of cakes, they look real from afar!

When asked which image she represents, my husband replied- Donut!  Haha, apparently the circle print confused him! In his defence, she didn’t have a cake when he first saw her. Enjoy!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Spice Girl – Orange.

Русскоязычную версию можно прочитать здесь.

Continuing with the Spice Girls streak. Today is Orange!

As you can see I found good use for the orange print fabric. And I had the perfect buttons to match. Time to dry the oranges – 6 hours in the oven on 200F. The house smelled fantastic the whole day! Put everything together – and voila – Orange spice Girl!DSC_1075 DSC_1081DSC_1082DSC_1083DSC_1078

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Decision has been made! Решение принято!

Let the changes begin! I made a decision of splitting my blog into two. One is for my Russian readers and leave the existing one for the English speaking audience. I have news and surprises for each blog ! Stay tuned!

Итак, настало время перемен! Я приняла решение разделить мой блог на русскоязычный - "Ветер перемен" и оставить уже имеющийся для моей англоязычной аудитории. Для каждого блога я приготовила сюрпризы и новости. Не пропустите!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Your heart is all over me. Твое сердце всегда со мной.



Today, I will show you my recent project. Initially, I was going to make a Coupidon-like cat- with bow and arrow, but this is what turned out! Not male, nor female, sort of unisex. Even better- suitable for anybody. I finally found good use for these pink feathers; they were sort of living a life of their own since I opened the package and I kept seeing them in the strangest places all over the house. I wonder how they do that!


Сегодня покажу вам мою вчерашнюю работу. Собиралась шить кота-купидона, с луком и стрелой — а получилось ОНО! То ли кот, то ли кошка. Ну так даже лучше. Всем подойдет. Нашлось применение розовым перьям. Купила их еще весной, и они, живя своей жизнью, разлетелиь по всему дому. Находила их в самых неожиданных местах. Вот, направила их в полезное русло.

DSC_1672DSC_1677DSC_1679DSC_1681 DSC_1680

Monday, 14 January 2013

Kate. Катя.


DSC_1663 0005


Alas, I'm back! I can't seem to keep up with the blog consistently, this always happens to me! After extensive posts, I go into a dry spell and just create. That, plus Angelina took up another job so I struggle with the translating aspect of this. But more about that later. There will be a separate post with some announcements and surprises.

So the reason for today's post is the give away organized by Katerina Lukashchuk. I just finished up with this doll, the weather is awful so the pictures aren't of the highest quality, but there is no time to wait!

The rule of the give away was to make something inspired by one of Katerina’s  drawings. And since I've been wanting to create a doll based on her work for some time now, this was a great coincidence. And so this is my Kate! You'll be the judge of the similarity with the original picture.

Little bit of technical aspects. Dress is reversible, buttons on the shoulders. A big problem was putting it on, her head is to big! And after my 6th attempt I finally have a perfectly fitted dress. I’ll share the pattern later. And my biggest challenge – the hair! I finally learned how to properly attach it and made the ideal top of the head. Fingers are bendable. She can easily hold a rope.


Итак, я вернулась. Вот так всегда, не могу постоянно вести блог. После обильных постов, наступает затишье, когда я только творю. Ну и еще Ангелина стала работать на двух работах, соответственно английская часть тормозит. Ну об этом потом. Будет отдельных пост с новостями, обновлениями и сюрпризами.

А причиной моего сегодняшнего появления является участие в конфетке от Екатерины Лукащук. Вот только что закончила эту куколку. Погода жуткая, фото не очень. Но времени ждать нет.

Условие участия в конфетке — сделать что-то по мотивам Катиных картин. А так как я уже давно хотела сшить куклу по ее картине, то это, можно сказать, удачное стечение обстоятельств.

Вот она, моя Катя! О схожести с оригиналом судить вам!

Немного технических деталей – платье двухстороннее. Застегевается на пуговицах на плечиках. Была проблема – как одеть платье? Голова то большая. Вот с шестой попытки у  меня вышло такое платьице. Выкройкой поделюсь попозже. И моя самая большая трудность – волосы. Наконецто я научилась их пришивать и делать аккуратную макушку. В пальчики вставлена проволока, так что они гнутся. Можно лекго держать веревочку.


DSC_1646 DSC_1624DSC_1649 DSC_1650DSC_1661 DSC_1656  DSC_1635